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Our History

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A camper makes a splash out of the trap during the skills competition. Get it in the circle, get points.

The Finley Junior Golf Camp began in the early 80's and started as more of a "golf league" for youngsters than an "instructional camp". Kids showed up at the course, practiced for a couple of hours with the resident pro, and then went out on the course and played the rest of the day.

Finley Junior Golf Campers that excelled were selected to a traveling team that competed against other teams, at other courses, in the region. Similar to a Ryder Cup or President's Cup, winning teams were awarded prizes, recognition and the pride of representing their home course.

In the early nineties, the game of golf began to grow throughout the world. More people were watching, playing and considering taking up the game. Accordingly, the Finley Junior Golf Camp changed its focus. It would still retain the competitive nature of its past with an end-of-camp tournament, but would prioritize instruction and learning as its primary mission. This opened the doors to golfers of all skill levels. As our motto indicates, the Finley Junior Golf Camp strives for all it's campers to learn golf while having fun.

Today, the camp continues to grow every summer and many alumni have gone on to pursue golf as a career.

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